Measure the Value & Performance of
Digital Channels

  • Plan budget around channel monetization
  • Look beyond last click attribution
  • Measure impact of organic and paid consumer engagement
  • Measure performance of web search, social and mobile content engagement

Before Infernotions we would collect data on clicks and spend but had difficulty linking ad performance to sales. Furthermore, the impact to phone sales was largely unknown. Infernotions shed light on what's working and how well. Some of this was common knowledge - like the declining returns on increasing Google spend but the Bing opportunity is a big insight for me and I am going to use it in the months to come. Alan Young, Director of E-commerce and Marketing, WeGotLites

WeGotLites Success Story

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Measure brand lift from social consumer engagement

Measure Brand Lift From Social
Consumer Engagement

  • Justify shifting resources to social channels
  • Measure impact of social ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’
  • Map the impact of influencers among your follower-base
  • Suited for brands without direct to consumer sales model
We had trouble keeping the lights on for our social channel because, not selling directly to consumers, it was hard to justify what sales we were getting for our effort. Infernotions helped us identify which types of content were most effective. We found that positioning healthy food options content for parents with busy lives had the most impact on sales and we have shifted social activity around that message.Global Digital Marketing Leader

What’s social engagement worth?

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Capture Impact of Digital Channels on
Offline Revenues

  • Justify digital budget via in-store sales attribution
  • Measure the impact of microsites on partner sales
  • Attribute sales across interacting digital channels
  • Compare relative impact of top-of-funnel content relative to bottom-of-funnel

Capture impact of digital channels on offline revenues

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Update in-flight or upcoming digital marketing initiatives

Update In-flight or Upcoming Digital Marketing Initiatives

  • Forecast revenue impact based on seasonal trends
  • Test scenarios before rollout
  • Estimate effect of black swan singular events
Access to the Big Data consumer analytics and the rapid turnaround has improved my team's effectiveness in support of business decision-making.Susheem Gupta, Manager Strategy and Analytics, Epson America, Inc.

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