Measure the Value & Performance of
Digital Channels

  • Plan budget around channel monetization
  • Look beyond last click attribution
  • Measure impact of organic and paid consumer engagement
  • Measure performance of web search, social and mobile content engagement

Measure brand lift from social consumer engagement

Measure Brand Lift From Social
Consumer Engagement

  • Justify shifting resources to social channels
  • Measure impact of social ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’
  • Map the impact of influencers among your follower-base
  • Suited for brands without direct to consumer sales model

Capture Impact of Digital Channels on
Offline Revenues

  • Justify digital budget via in-store sales attribution
  • Measure the impact of microsites on partner sales
  • Attribute sales across interacting digital channels
  • Compare relative impact of top-of-funnel content relative to bottom-of-funnel

Capture impact of digital channels on offline revenues

Update in-flight or upcoming digital marketing initiatives

Update In-flight or Upcoming Digital Marketing Initiatives

  • Forecast revenue impact based on seasonal trends
  • Test scenarios before rollout
  • Estimate effect of black swan singular events

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Access to the Big Data consumer analytics and the rapid turnaround has improved my team's effectiveness in support of business decision-making.Susheem Gupta, Manager Strategy and Analytics, Epson America, Inc.Read Case Study »

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